Gigo's Hill - 2006 Year

Gigo's Hill - 2018 Year

The natural disasters in Telavi Municipality in 2012 caused great damage not only to the civil and industrial infrastructure but also to the city. Various recreational zones around Telavi were destroyed. The most severely damaged among them is the so-called “Gigo’s hill” and its plants, pines, spruces, and other life forms.

The storm uprooted a devastating number of trees and 60-70% of the plants were destroyed. Over-proliferation of the surviving plants followed, diseases appeared, and many of the smaller species such as birds who depended on the trees disappeared from the forest.  This long-treasured forest park grew depleted and unsightly.

Gigo Hill itself was not only a beloved recreational forest but is an important historical site that played a central role in Communist-era events.  

Located on the north-eastern slope of the Gombori Range, Gigo’s hill is home to St. Nino’s Church, and is named after Gigo Vakhvakhishvili himself. It is one of the hills included in the Government of Georgia’s development project: Tourism Development of Seven Hills in Telavi.

Gigo’s hill, alongside the King’s Palace, has recently been awarded Telavi Business Card Status. Yet, despite, this the condition of Gigo’s hill and the surrounding forest continues to worsen.

Restoring Gigo’s hill and the surrounding forest to its former glory by planting new flora is vital for Telavi residents and the population of the broader municipality. As well as supporting the Tourism Development of the Seven Hills in Telavi project and increasing the tourism potential of the region, restoring Gigo’s hill will also reunite the population of Telavi with the beloved forest they no longer feel they can use.

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