We plant forests in the cities!

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Forests are gradually disappearing in the cities. Forest that kept hundreds of tons of carbon and generated thousands of litres of oxygen. Forest that was abundant of birds and animals for several decades. Forest where unique trees and plants used to grow several decades ago. Forest that helped the population to survive from starvation and frost in the absence of electricity and natural gas.

Why do we plant a forest?

An adult requires 0.5 liter of oxygen for a single inbreathe. On average, a human inhales 14 times a minute and 420 liters per hour, and consumes 10 080 liters of air a day, whereas the air contains 21% of oxygen.

On average, 100-year-old tree generates 1 200 liters of oxygen an hour.

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However, tree does not only contain oxygen.

Annually, humans are the sources of carbon dioxide emissions that is spread in the atmosphere and heats up the earth more. A single tree can compensate couple of kilos of carbon dioxide every year. For instance, beech can keep 12,5 kg of carbon dioxide a year, i.e. it takes beech up to 80 years to compensate a ton of carbon dioxide.

On average, one Georgian household emits 2,7 tons of carbon dioxide


Through your donations, we buy endemic saplings from the private and state tree nurseries and strengthen small business, as well as promote Georgian species of trees. We donate the accumulated saplings to your selected cities/towns and observe the tree growth and tree-keeping process together with you. Every tree is assigned a respective GPS code with coordinates of planting location. This way, you will always be able to search for and see your planted tree(s) any time.

Go plant a tree!

Let’s together plant forests in the cities!

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