About us

Green4Georgia is a non-profit organization, which is acting in order to preserve and proliferate local, endemic trees in Georgia. We plant seedlings, promote reforestation/afforestation, and advocate the green economy for the betterment of our environment. In order to achieve these goals, we are creating a platform to facilitate donations, organize events, and promote going green within the Georgian population and corporations.

We are all people with different goals and professions, different interests and desires, but we can all stand together in love for our nature, our flora and fauna, and our environment. However, there are terrible, human-created trends that are sweeping through our environment. Our hearts ache for all the burned and damaged forests, and our critically damaged ecosystem.

We have to find a balance between furthering our activities and preserving the environment. Climate change, disease, illegal tree-cutting, and many other reasons bring us to a point where we are destroying our forests at a terrifying rate. During the last 5 years, just through climate change and rising CO2 pollution, 300 Dinamo stadiums worth of forest has been burned every month in Georgia. Unless we take measures to improve our environment, this destruction of our forests will keep growing unstoppably.

We aim to reforest and afforest our environment. This is the measure that will allow us to breathe fresh air and cut down on the pollution.  For example, Deciduous Forest is creating 15 Tons of oxygen per hectare annually while Coniferous Forest generates 30 Tons.

With your support and donations, we will purchase endemic seedlings from nurseries, governmental and private. We will also motivate SME to grow more seedlings. We want to make the planting of endemic trees all around Georgia popular as a gift for you and your loved ones. We control and monitor your trees the whole way from planting to flourishing. All trees are granted special codes and coordinates that you then have the ability to check in with to know how your tree is doing. We ensure the natural process of replacing all the dead seedlings with new, healthy ones.

If you love the comfort you have today, do not wait for it to be taken away by climate change. Give earth the power to keep us alive and thriving. At least plant a tree.