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How dire is the situation?

Since 2015, Georgia has lost an area 341 times the size of a football pitch every month to wildfires. The threat of deforestation is huge, and if you’re living in Georgia, you’ve probably seen some of its effects already. Hotter summers, less rainfall, decreased humidity and harsher sunlight – those are all tell-tale signs of a changing climate that scientists have attributed, at least to a certain degree, to what’s now a rapid loss of trees and cover vegetation.


About us

Green4Georgia is a non-profit organization, which is acting in order to preserve and proliferate local, endemic trees in Georgia. We plant seedlings, promote reforestation/afforestation, and advocate the green economy for the betterment of our environment. In order to achieve these goals, we are creating a platform to facilitate donations, organize events, and promote going green within the Georgian population and corporations.


We plant forests in the cities!


Forests are gradually disappearing in the cities. Forest that kept hundreds of tons of carbon and generated thousands of litres of oxygen. Forest that was abundant of birds and animals for several decades. Forest where unique trees and plants used to grow several decades ago. Forest that helped the population to survive from starvation and frost in the absence of electricity and natural gas.

Zugdidi Botanical Garden and Arboretum of Kolkhetian Flora

On June 24, 2021, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with the Management Center of Botanical Gardens and Zugdidi Municipality Town Hall. The cooperation aims to create an arboretum of Kolkhuri Flora and nursery in the territory of Zugdidi Botanical Garden. Herewith, it is planned to implement annul activities aimed at raising awareness of the society about eco education, environment, nature and biodiversity preservation issues.


Trees are important for the environment

Trees are natural purifiers. Every tree you see around you absorbs harmful pollutants to return clean and breathable oxygen. In urban centers plagued with pollutants like carbon monoxide and ozone and respiratory irritants like dust and soot, trees act as a buffer mechanism to soak in all these toxins. The role of tress as nature’s detoxing agent cannot be overemphasized. With the world’s growing dependence on fossil fuels and widespread global deforestation, trees provide a time-tested mechanism to reduce the many harmful effects of air pollution and climate change.

This is an approximation of how the costs spread. It may vary depending on the project.


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